Guided Remote Inspections

Be sure your rental is safe and compliant from wherever you are.

Conduct initial inspection

Complete your initial inspection using Keyhook's guided inspection feature, easily capturing in detail the condition of your rental.

Both you and your tenant view, notate, and e-sign the initial inspection through the Keyhook app.

The initial inspection is then stored securely in your Keyhook property profile for you to view at any time.

  • Easily detail the condition of your property
  • Sign off on an agreed initial inspection
  • Initial inspection is securely stored for reference

Future inspection is set

The next inspection is automatically generated by Keyhook based on your insurance requirements, helping you stay compliant and stress free.

Your tenant is notified of the date of the next inspection as soon as it's set. As the inspection date approaches, your tenant receives reminders via the Keyhook app.

If you have chosen to use Keyhook's remote inspection feature, your tenant will be allowed to conduct a remote inspection anytime throughout the week that leads up to the inspection's due date.

  • Help ensure compliance with insurance policies
  • Choose inspection type: remote or in-person
  • Be reminded of upcoming inspections

Remote inspection is conducted

Keyhook's remote inspection feature guides your tenant through the different rooms of the house, prompting them to inspect specific features of each room and highlight any inconsistencies with the initial inspection. The report is then uploaded to Keyhook for you to review.

Remote inspections mean you don't have to encroach on your tenant's personal space, and saves you the time it would take to schedule and conduct the inspection yourself.

You can also choose to use Keyhook to inspect your rental in person, and can change between the remote and in-person inspections as you like.

  • Conduct inspections from anywhere
  • Complete inspections in your own time
  • Request any additional information needed

Inspections require your approval

Once your tenant has submitted a remote inspection report, you can review the report and create actions for yourself and your tenant.

If your tenant has missed something, or you want additional evidence, you can request your tenant upload additional photos or video within the inspection report.

The inspection is not marked as complete until you sign off on it, ensuring you can be sure your property is safe.

  • Review the detailed inspection report
  • Create landlord and tenant actions and set to-do's
  • Have the final say: Sign off only when you're happy

Conduct final inspection

Conduct a tenancy's final inspection in person using Keyhook's guided inspection feature.

The final inspection will be used to record the condition of your property at the end of the tenancy, and must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant.

You can always access all inspections of present and past tenancies from your property profile, so you know you're always covered.

  • Easily document using Keyhook's guided inspection feature
  • Reduce risk with a binding inspection report
  • Easily compare pre and post tenancy inspections

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