Hands-Off Paperwork

Automate the hassle, remove the paper, help ensure compliance.

Automatically file your paperwork

Your paperwork is automatically filled and filed with Tenancy Services so you can stay hands-off.

Easily transition between tenancies with only a few clicks so your rental spends less time untenanted.

Keyhook's instant filing, reminder notifications and secure records help to ensure compliance for your investment.

  • Automate your paperwork
  • Help keep your rental tenanted
  • Help ensure compliance

Build, send and sign a custom lease

Avoid generic leases: Use the Keyhook Lease, an extensive lease written with you in mind.

Choices in lease templates: Use Keyhook to fill The Keyhook Lease or select and use the Tenancy Services lease.

Securely and easily e-sign documents using your smart device and safely store them on Keyhook for easy access.

  • Extensive lease to help protect your investment
  • Select from different lease templates
  • Easily sign and save in-app

Clauses specific to you

Enjoy access to our Clause Library: pick and choose the clauses that are right for you.

Start from scratch and create your own clauses so you can get exactly what you want out of your lease.

Edit existing clauses, using them as a template to create a clause that does what you need.

  • Select pre-existing lease clauses
  • Create your own clauses
  • Build a lease that works for you

Safe, secure and tidy document storage

Tidily store all of your important documents in one safe place. Have everything from inspection reports to bond lodgement forms ready for you to access when you need.

Export your tenancy: For a flat fee of $50, you can export all data relating to your tenancy, including past inspections, communications, rent payment details, etc. Everything is documented and stored for your protection.

Upload past documents to your property's profile so you always have everything at your fingertips.

  • Documents safely stored and easily accessible
  • Export your property profile's data
  • Upload past documents

How Keyhook Compares

The better option any way you look at it.

Put your rental in your pocket

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